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Sejarah Togel Online Indonesia dari Zaman Kolonial Hingga Milenial

The history of online lottery in Indonesia has a very long journey. This lottery is actually issued an official name that is used for betting or gambling lottery numbers, while approved as a contraction of dark toto. Basically gambling to guess this number is better known by the name of Toto or togel online so it needs a short trip that does not need to end, it needs to be called a lottery. So that readers are not curious, in this review we will minimize the analysis of the history of lottery in Indonesia starting from the colonial century millennial arrivals and the thought of the lottery betting case began to be legalized by the government.

The Indonesian people generally calculate that this Toto lottery game began to be present after the era of the Handbook of the Gift of Friendly Funds or SDSB, even though the things listed were not true because it was not worth the evidence. Farther from that era, this Toto draw had been present in Indonesia since the Dutch colonial period. It cannot be guaranteed when and who will first bring the toto game to this country. But there are things that can be used if opinion rigidity is where the written game is brought by awkward traders from the Netherlands who start to enter Indonesia.

A Short History of Online Togel in Indonesia

A short history of online togel in Indonesia. As we know that before independence, this Indonesian state was a country that had local culture without wrestling with Latin and Roman letters. Because Indonesia was once except a country with various files from the Hindustani kingdoms with the use of the language is Sanskrit. At this time the lottery game was still unknown to the people of the archipelago but after the Dutch entered the territory of Indonesia many were convinced that this game was indeed brought by those who were exactly the direction of the night.

This is where the local community began to be moved by the toto lottery game. When the Netherlands had an interest in preparing the Indonesian state of the union with the royal rules which were abolished, the governor general of the Dutch East Indies in Batavia (now Jakarta) began to regulate the rules of the toto game, for example entertainment services. Both the Dutch and the local community are allowed to play the Toto lottery, and the beginning of the history of lottery in the country began. At first the lottery wasn't as famous as now, anyone could play it because it was still legal. This game as a result continues to roll out independent Indonesia.

Dirgantara has changed Indonesia's independence and is led by the first Chairman is Sukarno, where he is looking for ways to patronize younger generations even better. Then the Presidential Decree No. 114 of 1965 which exposed that all forms of gambling articles were considered illegal because they were considered permissible to damage the morale of the tribe. From here the history of manipol is then exchanged with the new order in which at this time the lottery can be played back in a way that regulates it directly by the chairman such as the Regional Government, Central President, PON manager and others.

But in the new order era, lottery games were no longer gambling games even though they were run as lottery tickets for physical training prizes. The SDSB start is now increasing where it is important to find that this is the opening foundation for the formation of up-to-the-minute lottery living there (vehicle) now. Because the community has continued to end this activity, the gambling program and playing toto have not stopped marking the lovers to play silently as a result of the nickname toto dark or togel. That is the brief history of Indonesian online togel, this game can already be played as online more easily and practically.